24 x 36 Poster Frame Wholesale

$78.50 $68.00

24 X 36 Poster Frames with a 2.5″ wide profile are perfect for displaying posters, advertisements, sale signs, menus, and much more. Easy Flip Poster Frames are the best solution to replacing Posters easily. Simply flip the frame open, change your poster and snap the frames back, all without removing the frame from its location. That means you save time and money every time new ads come in.

Photographers looking for picture frames need to look no further. Flip Frames are great for large photographs giving photos a classy look. Flip up frames are great for minimalist spaces yet can be used in any interior space to display photography as well.

Poster Frame Colors

Choose a color to match your decor. Our most popular frame is the Silver Poster Frame which is great for standing out in the crowd. Black poster frames are great for an elegant look and have a great presence. Black snap frames are great for theaters, restaurants, hotels and many other places looking for easy to replace poster frames. Bulk orders are eligible for custom color poster frames. Call for details.

Minimum of 15 Frames to order. For orders less than 15, visit our Flip up Frame model ff-st options page.

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