Schools of all levels can make great use of Easy Poster Frames. From Pre-k to Universities educational facilities can display posters, graphics, informational signs and much more with Easy Frames. For lower level schools we recommend  using the Easy Round Corner Frames which provide a safety corner for kids when they may partake in replacing posters or graphics.

These are great to have in class with charts and poster graphics of current class subject matters to keep an active student learning environment. Posters within Easy Frames can easily be replace without removing the frames from the wall. Simply flip open the frames and replace the media, snap back the frames to hold the posters in place and your done. For added safety to ensure no one removes posters without permission, a security screw can be added to the frames.

Another great solution for schools is the Easy Slide in Frames which provide maximum ease of use to replace posters and graphics. Follow the link to learn more.