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Easy banner Frames

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Easy Banner Frames

Easy Banner Frames can be used in hundreds of applications; from Business signs to Advertising walls where traditional Ads would be unable to fit there standard size ads. Banner Frames are a great way to advertise on trailers and box trucks while on the road (See our Truck Banner Frames page for more info).


Banner Frame Accessories

Easy Banner Frames Details

Billboard advertising frame, Banner Grip Frame, Banner stretch Frame, Aluminum Banner Frame.


  • The Easy Banner Frame is the simplest way to hang your banners and keep them  tight without loosening up.
  • Each frame is custom made of high grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel and will not rust.
  • Choose from silver or black powder coated colors to match your theme.
  • Reduce banner costs: with patent pending banner grips. Banners can be made with raw edges, no need for grommets or special finishes.
  • Large frames ship in 60″ to 80″ sections to be assembled on site.
  • Security screws can be added to the order to keep banner frames from being opened insecurely.
advertising banner frame, billboard banner frame, aluminum banner frame

Banner Grip

  • Alligator banner grips open up for banner insertion and close tight gripping your banners into place.
  • Each grip moves independently of each other to slide up and down for the best placement.
  • Grip Heads can be screwed inward or outward to reach banners and pull them tight keeping your banners wrinkle free.

Sign Materials

  • Sign materials can vary from regular banner vinyl to flexible rigid materials. Solid plastic signs or even metal signs can be held with the Easy Banner Frame.
  • Vinyl banners do not need to be hemmed or have grommets to be held by the Easy Banner Frame (Read Banner Grip Tab).
  • Banner edge reinforcement can be used for larger banners for overall stretching force.

Banner Grip Frames are great for

  • Store Front Displays
  • Mall Ad Space
  • Out of Home (OOH) Advertising
  • Business Signs
  • Movie Theater Displays
  • Convention Center Graphic Displays
  • and much more.