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The Interview Cinema List – Freedom Prevails

American #TheInterview

After a long and dangerous journey, The Interview staring Seth Rogen and James Franco will play on. Some consider the whole fiasco a super marketing stunt, which if it were, it would have been the best in the history of marketing stunts. All jokes aside though, Sony had their whole network hacked allegedly by North […]

Poster Frames Fit For All Brand Store Front Displays

Easy Poster Frames, Snap Frames, Flip Frames, Aluminum Frames, Store Frames

We sent out some scouts to take a few pics of our poster frames for our portfolio and we got back some pretty good stuff. Many popular brands in malls and stores everywhere are using Easy Poster Frames. What is most awesome is that each store creates a unique display of their own. And that’s […]

Django Unchained: The First Black Western?

Django Unchained Django Unchained takes us back to an unforgiving and sensitive-of-a-subject time in America. This film thoroughly places us within the western US  during slavery into the life of a soon to be free black man. Django (“The D is silent”) is freed by a German Bounty Hunter Dr. King Schultz (played by Christoph Waltz) and hired to […]

Banner Frames at Park Ave Armory

Aluminum banner frame, silver banner frame, black banner frame, flip up banner frame, banner grip

All throughout the US you are bound to find Easy Frames in one place or another.The Park Ave Armory is one of those spacial places. They have done a great job using Easy Banner Frames to promote their upcoming and current events. Currently, The Murder of Crows is being featured at the armory till September 9th.

Tiësto: In The Booth Easy Flip Frame in Las Vegas

We love Tiesto! The world’s greatest DJ. I remember listening to Tiesto a long time ago when house was pretty much just underground. But it has definitely earned its place in the music industry. We are glad to see Tiesto’s Posters in Easy Flip up Frames. Thats pretty cool. Check out the Easy Flip Up […]

Expendables 2 Movie Poster

Okay, what did you guys think about the first part? I think some of the dialogue in part one had some loose ends, but it was okay overall. And of course, the tremendous amounts of actions scenes (just because) didn’t let us come off the screen that easy. I did like the idea about gathering […]

Elegant Easy Flip Frame

Black Sign Frames, Aluminum Frames, Poster Frames, Flip up Frame, Snap Frame

Easy Flip Up Frames can be used not only to simplify your advertising life, but also to uplift your welcoming appearance while matching your interior decor. Choosing the right color and having a well designed poster can be key to having a successful ad while keeping an elegant look which compliments your store.

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