Expendables 2 Movie Poster

Okay, what did you guys think about the first part? I think some of the dialogue in part one had some loose ends, but it was okay overall. And of course, the tremendous amounts of actions scenes (just because) didn’t let us come off the screen that easy. I did like the idea about gathering a bunch of famous actors to create a movie. But I kind of like the approach that the Avengers took better.

Having different actors come together from other movies still holding their roles totally rules. Actually, this poster kind of reminds me of the Avengers Poster. Or is it just me?

The Expendables is pretty cool though, all the actors I grew up watching smashed together in one movie poster. I like the addition of Bruce Willis. Chuck Noris, that came out of left field, I guess Van Dam doesn’t come too far from there either, but probably more expected. (I wonder if he’s going to do his old school kick and slow mo karate shout.)

I believe this poster pretty much sums up the movie though. A bunch of guys with guns and a bunch of action dust in your face. Looks like its just going to be more hardcore than part one. I’ll give it a shot.

Would you get one of these posters for your Easy Flip Frames?

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